Good Reads

Many of the books listed are non fiction accounts and experiences of folks who live the lifestyle that I  love.    They are wonderfully written and educational  and in many cases very humorous as this life is proving to be for us as well.

ANIMAL, VEGETABLE,  MIRACLE – Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara is an excellent author of fiction novels but really I  was really impressed with her writing here.   It is a year in their life trying to be 100% sustainable on their farm in Virginia.  It was an eye opener for me as to where the food industry has taken us.  One of my favorite books.


Written by an author who moves from Chicago to God’s country.

HEAVEN HAS BLUE CARPET – Sharon Niedzinski

In a word –   HILARIOUS.   This woman from the suburbs starts a sheep farm.  She is hysterical.  And I love how she compares her experience as a shepherd with her herd with God and his relationship with us.   She gets no respect from her lambs yet they expect the world of her just like we do in our relationship with God.  She delivers.

THE DIRTY LIFE on Farming, Food and Love – Kristin Kimball

HARVEST – A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm – Nicola Smith

THE GOAT SONG – Brad Kessler


Real eye opener about today’s state of affairs with the food industry.

THE GOOD LIFE – Helen and Scott Nearing’s Sixty Years of Self-Sufficient Living

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