The Land of Wingin’ and Nod




Everything we do here is a first.   We spend our days wingin’ it.  The only thing for sure is the “nod” part when we lay our heads on our pillow at night dawg tired.

Until five years ago, I hated steak.  I could not figure out what the lure was as, to me, it tasted like watery bland tough something or other.  I don’t even have a word to describe it. The only reason I liked hamburgers is for all the yummies on top.  But I found myself at a local restaurant and, I dont know what induced me, but I ordered a rib eye.  I almost fell off my chair.   Really.  I did one of those total slump, face plants onto the bench seat next to me.   Knowing we were going to be coming to farming land in a few years, I wanted to investigate the wildly intoxicating flavor.  Local farmer.  I was on the email trail the very next day.  He shared with me his “secret”.  He said,  “I don’t mind sharing my “secrets” because all of it is old knowledge that the beef industry has gotten away from as it grew into a commercial corporate enterprise.”  In a word, (or two)– Old Tradition.  

Why beef? Now? When we are supposed to be cutting down or out red meat?  Red meat raised correctly, which means naturally without steroids, antibiotics, or hormones, is very healthy for us.  Raised outside of feedlots without pesticide and herbicide laden feed.  In nonindustrialized  societies, red meat is the  2nd preferred source of  animal protein (chicken being the 1st).  These societies rarely suffer from cancer or heart disease.

Red meat is an excellent source of minerals,  Vitamin B12, important for nervous system and blood, and carnitine which is necessary for a healthy heart. Huh?  Beef fat also has a cholesterol-lowering effect.  Beef and lamb fat contain fat soluble vitamins which allow us  to utilize minerals in our foods.   THE FAT IS GOOD FOR US!!  Yeah!  I  personally love it and will never have a butcher trim the fat.  It flavors the meat!  And it protects each and every cell in my body.  Bonus!

Why are we willing to accept this noise about red meat being bad for us from the very SAME  people who condone feedlots, pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, antibiotics.  Doesn’t that sound nuts?  WHAT??   I am SOO thankful that we are in a time where real effort is being put forth in this “green” movement to right our wrongs where our food is concerned.  Aren’t you?

Get yerself a real steak and see if you don’t start sliding down the vinyl into cow heaven.

Sally Fallon, writer of Nourishing Traditions, and many other related books, is a hero leader in awakening this culture about traditional nourishment.  I will quote her many times over because she knows her stuff.  She says, ” We have almost forgotten that our natural state is one of balance, wholeness and vitality.”  Oh my goodness.  We have.  We have forgotten.  God made us good and healthy.   When I eat the way He designed me to eat, I am good and healthy.  When I eat the way we designed, I am not good and healthy. Simple.  It only took me 45 years to figure that out.  It is a miracle to feel this good after so many years of suffering.

So, back to the beef.  Where is the beef?  It is in my backyard.  Right where T-Bone and Ribeye belong.   If I can’t  have it in my backyard, I am going to look for it in some other thoughtful person’s backyard.

They are stunning creatures, aren’t they?

Thanks for tuning in.  Again, I welcome you!

God Bless,


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