A Treasured Treat That Just Got Better

Good Morning!  Glorious day! And Happy Friday!

Let me introduce you to Ghee if you have not met her.  ( It is not the cat. The cat is Maggie.  She is just wishing you a beautiful day. )  Ghee is clarified butter.  She is great for cooking since  she has a high heat threshold, 485 degrees.  Compare that to 180 degrees for olive oil.  It is great to use for all types of cooking including baking.  It is casein and lactose free for those that have a sensitivity.  It does not need to be refrigerated although I do.  I don’t need to be refrigerated.  I refrigerate the ghee.

Every time I saute vegetables I get outstanding results.  Guests always comment on what ever food I cooked with Ghee.  It just gives them a yummy warm flavor.

It also has an alkalyzing affect on your body.  I will be going into alkaline vs. acidic environment soon.  We all have very acidic conditions and it is a breeding ground for all sorts of nonsense.

Yep! This would be corn. Can little people like us grow corn? We’ll find out!

When I eat movie theatre popcorn, I dont know about you,  but I leave feeling like I have been injected with tar or something.  I realize I eat a ton of it but the whole deal is terrifying.  Bad salt, bad oil, bad, bad.  The same goes for microwave popcorn.  It takes me a good 24  hours to recover.  It tastes great though, doesn’t it?  Anymore, that is not enough.  My food HAS  to have some redeeming quality.   I’m sure there is some dog food that tastes pretty good. That doesn’t mean I am going to eat it.   I am extremely tempted by the cookie and snack bar at Petco.  Those things have to taste good, right?  Maybe not…..

This popcorn will become your favorite popcorn  and you will want to watch movies JUST so you can make it!  Coconut oil makes it wonderful by itself and sometimes we do not butter it with ghee and it is delicious.  The fats that we use here are  completely beneficial for your precious body.


Use  a heavy pot with lid on stove.

Heat on high 1-3 Tablespoons of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Measure out 1/2 cup of preferably organic popcorn (many groceries sell it in bulk now)

Cook the popcorn the usual way on the stove on high.

Heat several tablespoons of ghee to top the popcorn.  Salt with Celtic sea salt or another of your favorite sea salt or seasoning.

Enjoy the movie!  If its good, let me know, I’ll watch.

God bless,



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5 responses to “A Treasured Treat That Just Got Better

  1. Eric Glanders

    Is Ghee available at our local grocery? Is it good on toast?

    • Eric, I have found ghee to taste better cooked INTO food but I certainly would try it. It is different than butter. It melts very clear since it has been clarified. It is kinda like grass fed beef. It tastes different than corn fed beef. It doesn’t make it better or worse it just tastes different. I use ghee for cooking, sauteing, and popcorn. Scrambled eggs, veggies. I prefer the taste of butter on my toast since I like salt (sea salt). But on popcorn, ghee tastes alot better than butter for some reason. I dont know if it is the casein and lactose in the butter that funks up the popcorn but it tastes funky for some reason.

    • Eric, Yes you can get it at most groceries. You may have to ask for it since you dont know exactly what you are looking for. I find it both on the shelf or where you find the butter. Whole foods definitely has it if you cant find it at your regular market.

  2. Rebecca

    This is interesting and coincides with the book I’m reading, Super Nutrition for Babies. I’m learning about the benefits of liver (yes, the meat!), ghee, cod liver oil and high quality egg yolks as “first foods” for my baby. The recommended website for highest quality ghee is here: http://www.pureindianfoods.com/product-p/ghee.htm


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