Rainy Days

This morning I drove down to feed the cows.  It was raining for the first time since we got the cows infact.  Yeah rah!!   That means this farmer doesn’t have to worry about gettin’ her corn crops watered.  All 30 of them.  Plants that is.   I usually walk with the dogs.  It gets our blood pumping and we can take in all the smells and sights.

You would think a drive would be down and back in the rain.  The sights in the rain were so wonderful (and strange) I ended up going back and getting my VERY COOL  camera that Pops gave me for Mothers Day.  He is such a joy!   It makes things look as wonderful as they really are.  My old camera made things look really bad.  Most probably user error.  This new thing,  you can’t miss.

Mystery bales

So here we have bales of hay on our property.  We have no idea where they came from.  We do not bale hay but yesterday they showed up at the foot of our driveway??  I love it.  You can bet there will be a painting on this  someday.  I’ve always wanted bales of hay hangin’ on the property.  Too cool.

I discovered a Hydrangea growing in a shed by the cows. It is taller than me.   huh?  I have tried to grow Hydrangea for 20 years.  How can this be?  What is going on around here?

Mystery hydrangea

This water thing is such a miracle.  Every morning I get up and go outside and there is always water on the ground usually in the form of a nice dew.  It is like manna for the Israel people.  Provision for the day to keep nourished,  not enough for tomorrow. But  just for today.     And today there is  more than usual  water in the form of rain and I noticed how  it sits on leaves and my car window and how it splashes on the surface of the creek.  It is truly a miracle that we have this available to us.   My goodness, why do I take it for granted?


Our farm hand, who comes one day a week and saves our lives with his efforts,  loves our property as if it was his own.  Mr. Shady (Character).  Mr. Shady loves the outdoors as much as I do and he has a lovely place of his own that includes huge gardens,  animals ( including our Bart),  an outside bath tub! and a gentle hand that tends to every little thing.  He gave me a cactus “part” .  I have no idea what to do with it.  I put it in a bucket about two months ago with the intention to plant it.  He keeps telling me to not touch it,  it will prick me bad.   So I keep not touching it.  It is blooming in the bucket.   You have to understand it is not planted in anything!  It is just sitting there in the bottom of the bucket.  ??  But beautiful it is!  What a day this is so far. 

Have yerself a blessed day,


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