A Star is Born!

Mr. Roger Brown.  Not very exotic name, right?

Yummy Fuzzy Bundle of Joy

Miss Lilly and Buster Brown are the proud parents and it is crazy wild.

I bought a baby monitor about 6 months ago and tried to get it to work so I could hear labor screams in the middle of the night.  It advertised a 2000 ft. range.   I couldn’t even get it to work 200 ft.  I tried to take it back the other day and made the mistake of telling them it was a 6 month old purchase.  Really angry that I was SOO scammed with this product,  I brought it home with the intent to call the manufacture and give them a piece of my mind.  ugh.   err.

Saturday night as I prepared them for beddy bye, I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to separate the three goats just  in case  one of the does would decide to have a baby.  I have never thought to do this.  This comes from farmer girl who wasn’t/isn’t totally sure they are “with child”.   Lilly’s udders looked big to me.  But what do I know.

Went to bed.  Actually had the for thought  to ask my son when he got home at 1:00 am to check in the barn.  All was good.  Or so he thinks in the dark.   When I got up at 7:00am to do my rounds, I made my way into the barn only to hear a tiny little “baaaaa”.  There he was.  Oh my goodness.   ToysR US had delivered a baby fluffy stuffed animal to our barn over night!! That is exactly what he looks like.  ANDDDDDD…He was clean, fluffy and there was not any evidence of a birth in that stall.   Lilly was all cleaned up and she, I guess, cleaned up the whole “kid” and kaboodle!  Get it??  It was like first he is not there and then he is.  With no repercussions on my part.

When did he take lessons?

Well…no repercussions in the clean up department.  But now that this has happened all the goats are separated and all the stalls have to be outfitted with mats, waterers, feeders, etc.  at the tune of a lot of money at Tractor Supply.

We are full up at the Inn now and I am a bit overwhelmed.  We’ve only added 41 animals since May 6.  What’s the big deal?   We have to move some into our bath tub in the Master.   And we have a play pen in the kitchen for the guinea hens.

Just kidding.

We are joyful grandparents and hope that we don’t ruin them.  Or break them.  Or infect them with insidious diseases.  And it will be a treat when I start milking seeing how Lilly doesn’t like me touching her.

I decided yesterday to get that darn baby monitor out to look at it again and realized there are channels on it.  Duh.  I have it working now.  So maybe I wont miss the next one, which could be tonight!!  Our other doe, that is.  Not Lilly.  I do know enough to know that Lilly shouldn’t have two babies in the same week.

On a serious note,  my heart was overwhelmed at the sight of this thing.  How does this happen?  This goat is as perfect as you can imagine.  And all of its instincts are in working order at the get go.   As hard as I have tried (but proof has done me in),  I can not deny there is a loving God in the midst of us working miracles over and over in front of my eyes.  This is truly a miracle.

Have a Super Day!

God bless,


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