What Do You Get When You Put 2 Suburbanites With…….

2 farm cows at midnight?    STRESSSSSSSSSSS!

Last night we went to visit friends at a near by lake.   These are folks we knew from our old life in the suburbs.  They are a lovely couple whose son went to high school with our youngest.  We ran in to them at church here in our new community not too long ago and found out they have a houseboat as a second home on a lake.  We were delighted by the invite to their second “home” for an “evening dinner cruise”.   They were outstanding hosts and we definitely feel a new friendship budding.  We had a blast.   Now,  we’ve rented a houseboat before so we kinda know the drill.  It’s a box on a pontoon, right?  Not this one.  This was a luxury liner.   85 feet long.  The top deck could have easily partied over 100 people.  It was breathtaking.  We could not cruise it since a wannabe storm blew in and never materialized but lightening pursued.   Pops wanted to see this thing move so badly.  Hopefully,  we will be invited back to see this thing cruise.  For those of you who live on coasts, you have to know that we landlockers don’t see these things movin’ around  too often in these parts.

Not theirs but one similar. Longer than our house!!

We loved hearing about their life and how they came to be boaters and they got a hoot hearing about our crazy, insane journey about how we came to be “farmer’s” and all the shenanigans going on around here.  They knew us when. When we lived on a cute cul-de-sac with a lawn (well sorta) and no dirt.

Usually we put the little kiddies to bed at dusk.  We did not get home until after 11.  So we had to tuck our 70 little creatures in late.  Yes, they were beside themselves with our tardiness.  (And again this morning when I couldn’t drag myself out of bed to start their day) 

We drove down the very dark drive to tuck the guineas and cows in and we got blocked in the road by our two large cows. (Boy,  I wish I had a camera to  document this.  It was a treasure.  Pop was even too stressed to read before lights out)   What the heck?  What are they doing in the road?  First I thought it was Simon, our Newfoundland.  Maybe my memory of Simon was a little distorted.   You know how you  get so tired and things get out of proportion.   I immediately had visions of this becoming a 3 ring circus and taking many hours of precious sleep time to wrangle these guys back into their homeland.

Pops got out of the car and started walking toward them and they immediately shot out into total blackness.  Maybe they would walk (or run) into town.  Maybe the suburbanites would lose their cows.  Maybe we would become the laughing-stock of this here country com-mun -tity.  Pops asked me to go get some feed.  Pops was a hero last night, by the way.    He was a smooth cow -getter -into- pasture guy.  By the time I got back he and the cows were making their way down the road toward homeland.  These guys are big guys as they walk past our car.  (John, are you listening?  I thought about calling you to find out what to do).  He got them down to the big gate and asked me to block the drive with the car so he could then guide them in without the option to book it.   Can you believe that I blocked the driveway and then locked my doors and rolled up the windows?  Yes,  you probably can.  What did I think was going to happen?  I did imagine them rolling my car.  I imagined them hitting me in the head.  I did not imagine them trying to open my locked door however.    My blocked car worked.  They walked right into their pasture and it only took 20 minutes away from  of our beauty sleep.

I really wish I had photos to share about our harrowing experience.  But…I dont,  so enjoy a favorite photo  that was taken when we were renting a cottage the winter we were building the farm.

God bless,


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