Rebellious Or Boring? Or Both?

Or maybe I am a hermit.  Or anti-social.  No, I like people.   Or counter cultural.

I think (no, I know) that I was born in the wrong century.  1880’ish is when I would have liked to have been born.  People say, oh,  no you wouldn’t, it is too hard.  Lots of work.  I know.  We’re talking to someone who just built a house and chose not to get a dish washer.  I don’t think, however, I would like to wash clothes by hand.  Can you imagine washing by hand a pair of overalls of all things?  Holy cow, how would you wring them out?   I went to visit the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.  They invited me.   My favorite part was the basement where the servants lived and worked.  Where does that come from,  I wonder?

The reason I talk about this is we went to a professional golf tournament this weekend.  All the big guys were there. Tiger.  Phil.  Rory.  That 23 year old is no. 1 in the world.  Bubba.

My illegal photo of Bubba Watson

It surprises me that I went because I am not a sports fan in the least.  Sometimes I wish I was just so I could feel normal or a part.  But I do enjoy watching golf.  It is peaceful.  There isn’t a roaring rumble goin’ on all the time in the back ground.  It is a nice thing to watch when taking a nap.  Ah.  I texted my college son while I was there to tell him that I, his mother, was at a sporting event.  He is my artsy son who feels the same way about sports as I do.  He wanted to know where I was going to nap there. I laughed out loud.  Funny.

EVERYONE wanted to follow Tiger.  Thousands upon thousand wanted to trip over each other to get a glimpse.  That is where the question comes in.  Am I boring because I really don’t want to.  Am I rebellious because everyone wants to SO I don’t.  Am I a hermit because I would rather be in the country far far from anyone.  Where solitude is abundant.    Really,  I don’t know the answer.   Again I don’t think I am anti-social.  I very much enjoy being with others.

As everyone oohed and ahhed over their shots I kept saying to Pops,  “look at the clouds”.  What am I, a  toddler?  Can I not realize a very important event is taking place?


I fully expected Pops to  finally say, ” If you have said clouds once you have said it a hundred times.  Enough about the clouds, will ya?  There is serious golf being played here.”     Of course, he would never say that.    The clouds Sunday and Saturday were nothing short of stunning.  And that is as simple as it goes.   Let me set on my tuffet and watch the heavens roll by.   I saw colors in the sky yesterday and last night that I have never seen.  At dusk  there was an aqua color on the horizon that was almost flourescent.   I know that these eyes have never seen that color up there before.  What God presents to me outside my door is about as exciting of a thing that I can imagine.

We witnessed a  spectacular show yesterday.  Pops was so gracious to take me.  I love him for doing so.  Oh, and the golf tournament was pretty cool too.

I may never know why I am the way I am.   Most of the time,  I feel I am on the outside looking in this world.   But in the spiritual realm,   I am right at home.  God makes it wonderful for each one of us, huh?  If we choose.

Have a super day.  Look up.   It’s beautiful up there.

God bless,



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10 responses to “Rebellious Or Boring? Or Both?

  1. Katrina Elliott

    You and me…we’re two peas in a pod. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. To appreciate golf you have to be a golfer. To appreciate art it helps to be an artist. To love God you must love his creations….Nice article now lay down.

  3. Come on. Those clouds were spectacular. Like your other commenter I totally get that and am the same, and I hang out with someone also the same. It’s strange that it’s comforting knowing there are so many of us feeling so different.

  4. Cindy McCune

    I was struck by the clouds this weekend too! Amazing what looking up can do and where it can take you….. As I was reading what you wrote, it made me feel so peaceful. Thanks for that today!

  5. robin

    I was there too! Wish we could have bumped into each other…
    Maybe I can take a day or two without the family and come and just be in your peace.

  6. Jeannie

    You are not so alone in your perspective, then, are you? I love looking at the clouds! And, boy, did we have a scare the other day when Meryl, the white hen escaped! I think I was more worried than her mom, Emily. But, alas, a helpful neighbor found her and she was returned to her coop. Life is good, ,even in the ‘burbs!

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