Reaching The End of Wonderful, Furry, Lovely, Hard Road

Our beloved Simon.

Dogs are a loving gift from God that is immeasurable.

Ol’ Simon ( Newfoundland)  isn’t doin’ too well these days.  We went to the vet yesterday for whiny, labored breathing, distended tummy,  and spitting up regularly.   The prognosis is not good.  Without testing the Dr. believes it is either  A) congestive heart failure or B) cancerous mass.  He is holding about 3 to 5 gallons of fluid in his abdomen,  but he is so big and hairy that,  yeah, we noticed change but not tons since we are with him all the time.  It is definitely time.  He is almost 10.  My oldest son visits about once a month,  and the last two times he has come he really noticed something wrong.

We are giving him meds to hopefully relieve him of the fluid build up.  Aside from that there is nothing else to do.  Who knows, maybe he will drain the fluid and bounce back, but….guessing not….

Simon has been a great dog in many regards except for the little fact he likes to beat up our other animals.  I have had a real problem with that.  Messes with my serenity.  I’m sure the other dogs have had a few words for him too.  He loves us to pieces.  He is an awesome guard dog.  He obeys very well (except when he is attacking).  He doesn’t wander.  He is as insecure as you can imagine.   He has a hard time having fun because he is too busy monitoring the who that is getting more attention than him. But, hey, who’s perfect?

I have spent A LOT of time with Simon and while I complain about him  refusing to “get a life”, this past year I did come to a point that I would accept him for who he was and choose just to love all the positives about him.  Which are many.  But it has been really hard to reconcile the fact that I have had to manage him so greatly around other animals.  It takes the pleasure out of having him around sometimes.

But today,  I look back only at the fond times and the goofy Simon days.  Which are many.  I share with you:


Samdog showing baby Simon the world.

Hard to believe he was ever this tiny.

Squirrel hunting (yeah, right) with the others.

Swimming with the boys

First encounter with the chickens

Big ol’ Simon dog

Hangin’ with the guineas.

Simon is not threatened by our fowl.  Maybe he shoulda been our chicken watch dog.  He does not mess with them.  He does not mess with our cats either. He knows he will get a nice healthy scratch down his pretty little nose.  Only four-legged creatures that are dogs or creatures that “could be”  dogs. Like goats.   I don’t want you to think that this was an everyday occurrence.   His little outbursts would occur 2-3 times a year.  But enough to not make it right.  Simon, ya hear that?

Simon always, always, always, with me. Protecting, loving, wanting, guarding and excited to be invited to go along.

We love you,  Simon.

Have a super weekend.

God bless,



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4 responses to “Reaching The End of Wonderful, Furry, Lovely, Hard Road

  1. So sad. We had to put my favorite girl, Jackie, down last fall. I still miss her every day. 😦 But, we’re blessed to have the joy we have when they’re with us. 🙂

  2. Oh, gorgeous boy. I’m so sorry he’s got troubles.

  3. Phyllis

    (sigh) Phyllis

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