Changin’ It Up

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Every Christmas things change.  I think I have mentioned that I used to not look forward to Christmas.  That has changed.  Well..I don’t pine for it, but I sure feel the joy and anticipation of the birth of Christ as I never have before.  Before, the commercialism overwhelmed the real meaning for me, and I totally let it bring me down.  How do you feel about it?

This weekend we had an empty schedule so we messed around with decorations.  Pop dealing with the usual outside light predicament.  At our old house we just didn’t have enough juice to feed his hunger for an exterior spectacular.  At the new place, the lights keep going out cause he’s trying to run about 600 feet of light to one outlet.  We have plenty of juice coming to the barn for this.  I kid him, but I realize, as always, it is a challenge to do what he is trying to do.  I am embarrassed to even mention how much we have spent on extension chords.   Ya gotta love these guys that HAVE to light up the world.  You really do.  Have to love them.

Another change.  We went to the Christmas tree cutting down farm this weekend.  We went to the same one last year too and came home then with a much smaller tree than we’re used to.  But, what the hay?  Empty nesters.  I’m ready for a table top.  The kids all walked in last year and said, ” What the heck?”  Wait til they get a glimpse of this year’s.   This year we got a Christmas “stick” instead of a tree.  I dont think you could even call this a branch.  We laughed.  The tree people laughed.  And fun was had by all.

Tree all bundled up from its ride home.

Tree all bundled up from its ride home.

One thing that is sad about the tree farm.  They said that a few species, like the Frazier, which we usually get, all died this past year.  They tried to grow more and they didn’t make it.  They have been continually stressed by the climate conditions and just decided to go north.   ugh.  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

So, are you ready for the unveiling of our glorious weed?


Jesus would love this tree. So would Charlie Brown.

We do not have a large corner that would be an obvious place for a tree.  Who knows, next year we may put it outside  and just look at it through the window.  That,  of course, would become part of Pops outdoor spectacular.

Last year, I bought a larg’ish nativity scene to put in a stall (where it should be.  Wasn’t that where our glorious Savior was born, anyway?) I lit it up and it looked beautifully appropriate.  But they were lonely.  Or rather, I was lonely for them.  So, I put them where I could see them this year.  In the woods behind our house.


I really wish I could see what you have done to prepare in the way of decorating for this season.  Post on facebook your creativity.

God bless,



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3 responses to “Changin’ It Up

  1. Wendy

    LOVE that Christmas tree!!!

  2. Julie Brown

    Boy is that an ugly tree! Reminds me of our college trees decorated with pizza boxes. As far as I know Frasier firs have never done well in Indiana. That is why scotch pines are more popular. Frasier firs are more desirable so they have tried to grow them but it was always risky. Have a great Christmas y’all.

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