The Only Necessary Food Groups And Trees

Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats.  You got it.  All of them.  They are all necessary.

Folks.  We are what we eat.  And don’t eat.  If we decide that a food group is not healthy for us or necessary, we face serious consequences.  It’s like we play Russian roulette with our bodies.

This is a crazy example of  a –  b = c.

“……On the one hand is the story of Ashton Kutcher who ended up in the hospital with pancreas issues and severe pain following a fruitarian diet which was part of his efforts to “get into character” for his role as Steve Jobs in the soon to be released movie Jobs.  Steve Jobs, the visionary founder of Apple and a known fruitarian, died in October 2011 from complications of pancreatic cancer.”  –Healthy Home Economist (Outstanding blogger,  by the way, on health,  nutrition, traditional foods, food and drug industry)

That is pretty telling, don’t you think?


If we choose a low-fat diet, we will be a low oiled machine.  Our cells will not be well insulated and protected.  Poor vitamin absorption.   Depression. Increased cancer risk.   High cholesterol.  Imbalance of nutrients.

If we choose a low protein diet,  we will not get the oxygen carried properly through our bodies.  We will be deficient in antibodies.  Our hormones will not be fed to metabolize, digest, and absorb nutrients.  Water will not be distributed effectively.    Not to mention vitamin and  mineral deficient.

If we choose low carb diet, we can experience organ stress, kidney stones, gout or kidney failure.   Our brain doesn’t receive the  glucose needed for  proper brain function.

When you think about it, doesn’t it sound silly?  To cut out whole food groups… for what gain?  We are so eager to compromise our health for various reasons that clearly shouldn’t be more important than our health.  The older I get the more I am realizing, that without my health,  life is  downright difficult.

I know.  I know.   We have been fed so much information by “those people” out there.   The fads. The trends.  Who makes up that stuff?  Low fat this.  Low carb that.  High carb, low protein.  blah blah.  Where  did they get those ideas?  Really?  Why are we so gullible to believe them?  Who are them?

AND why do we believe “low-fat” is a solution rather than “low chemical” in our food?  If you notice, none of those “thems” ever talk about eating “low chemical” diets?   And I bet you can guess why.

If we eat the foods that we are designed to eat.  Good clean, uncontaminated food.  Wouldn’t it makes sense that we could prevent a lot of chronic diseases?  I wonder if Steve Jobs could have prevented pancreatic cancer that ultimately took his life?  I’m curious.

Fats are good and necessary.  Bad fats are not good.

Carbs are good and necessary.  Bad carbs are not good.

Proteins are good and necessary.  Bad proteins are not good.


Very very sad.  We had to take trees in front yard down this past week.  Three very large trees that died as a result of our construction.  ugh.   We tried to be so careful and did not cut down trees to build the house.   Trees mean a great deal to my serenity.


This is the building site 2011.  All the trees around the white trailer did not make it.   HEARTBREAKING.  My heart ached last Friday as I felt the trees shake the earth.




This is the little Elm that we planted in place of the biggies.  Now, I am not a spring chicken anymore.  I pray that I will at least live to see this baby grow a big’ish shadow in the yard.

Life moves us, doesn’t it?

God bless,


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