Please Accept My Apology

I had a discussion with someone the last few days about the comment I made on the last post about reflecting upon what my pastor had said comparing the Boston tragedy to  the number of souls lost to abortions.   This person felt that I had taken a hard left turn and it was wrong.   This person was right.  If I wanted to speak about the  number of babies lost to abortions, then I should have made  a separate post and not made a comparison or used the Boston bombing a platform to dive.  It diminished the magnitude of the tragedy at hand.    It came across as insensitive and  uncaring.  Which is totally not true.  I  care deeply and grieve heavily for the people involved in last weeks bombing.  Including the perpetrators.

The comment my pastor made  struck me and just stayed with me.  Right or wrong, I shared it.  I am not a political person.  I don’t understand politics as I should.  My comments weren’t targeted for pro-choicers, pro- lifers, rights or lefts.  My concern was the mere number of babies that we lose and no matter where we stand politically, no one wants to hear or have to feel the reality of it.  I was/ am feeling the reality of it.   It affects all of us no matter where we stand.

My heart feels heavy for not mourning the death and the injured  within the context of my blog appropriately.   A “hard left turn” is not ever my intention.  But it came out that way at least to one person.  And for that, I am greatly sorry.

God bless,



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3 responses to “Please Accept My Apology

  1. Dave Wright

    no harm. as a writer it is very, very difficult to see ALL of the perspectives of your possible readers. It speaks to your great character that you apologized and explained so quickly. thank you.

  2. J chapman

    Karen. I understand the desire not to offend anyone. Most of the blogs I read are written not as fact but opinion. I believe (my opinion) Is the best answer is: if someone finds your blog offensive to the point that they need to contact you – that is really their issue, not yours. They can always read another blog. We all learn from listening to others. In my line of work I suggest they change channels. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

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