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Are You Your Worst Enemy?

I am.  My own worst enemy. The word autoimmunity has caught my attention.  I hear it everywhere.   New buzz word.  Probably not new but gaining popularity.   I don’t understand the word.  It  is when our bodies turn on ourselves.  ugh. That is not nice.  That is what I read.  But I read further.  I will try to make sense of it here in a very simple way,  as that will be the only way I will be able to understand it.  As it relates to “crhonic illness”, many of us might find some interesting findings here that relate to our own health. I was nudged to look this up when my big toes became excruciating painful in bed the other night.  Gout?  Too much beef?  Uh-oh.   Sounds horrible, eh?  Nuts have made moving my joints almost impossible at times this past year.  I realize I am a lost cause but we all suffer from chronic something or other whether it be allergies,  colds regularly, arthritis, digestive disorders, headaches, sinus problems, etc.

This might be the way you feel.

This might be the way you feel.

How can all this have anything to do with Autoimmune disorder???  Are they it related? Weeeeellllll.  …… This is what I uncovered in my very brief stint on the subject.  And I’m thinkin’  it may be good for me to know. INFLAMMATION.   It is connected to cancer. Diabetes.  Autism.  Depression. Thyroid disease.  Asthma.  Celiac.  And all that I listed above. Most all of these chronic conditions are treated with power drugs that are IMMUNE SUPPRESSING and the root of the cause is not addressed.   The source of  inflammation in our bodies must be found and treated.

The following definition is one I can most understand:

Autoimmune conditions are connected by one central biochemical process: A runaway immune response also known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues.

Autoimmunity happens when your immune system gets confused and your body cannot differentiate between healthy body tissue and foreign unhealthy tissue.  The immune system is fighting an allergy, toxin, food, stress and it directs its attack on your joints, brain, skin, gut, your hormones, etc.  Stress is a very familiar example that helps me understand this concept.  As we try to manage our stress, sometimes we can take on physical symtpotms as a result of the stress.  Heart disease, tummy problems, headaches, etc.  In the case of the heart, our immune system attacks our heart in its effort  to manage  the stress.  The result is heart disease. In my research, I have read that many of the medications and over the counter drugs only exacerbate the chronic illness.  They can be used to cool the inflammation short term but would be advisable to get to the root of the problem and correct it.   Antibiotics IS NOT the solution.  Makes sense to me.

In my case, it is becoming blaringly clear that my immune system attacks vehemently when it detects inflammation.  Like my big toes screaming the other night.  Or my joints making a cripple of me.  But always, always, always when I remove what I think is the culprit from my diet, it immediately goes away.  Luckily, I dont run to the doctor to get  a prescription filled.  I would be on a tremendous amount of medicine.

My problem is that I choose not to eat perfect 100 percent of the time.  When I dont, I suffer.  I ride a fine line though.  I play Russian Roulette with my health.   Eat well most of the time and let myself slip to a breaking point then climb back on the train.  Correcting the diet heals me without taking medication.  If I dont watch out, one of these days I will not be so lucky.

Now that I feel  a  teensy weensy more knowledgeable on this subject, and not really that much, I am concerned that this is a real dilemma in our western culture.  I found a super article that helped me with this post and it has 9 steps to treating autoimmune issues.  I will post them next time.   Until then,


God bless,


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Are We Feeding Our Chronic Ailment?

Just a  quick note on flu shots before I step into my post today.  What do you actually know about the flu shot?   I encourage you to learn what a flu shot is and does/doesn’t do  so  you can make an informed decision.   I have attached a short article about flu shots for you enjoyment.  At the very least just scan the 11 reasons.  In all matters concerning your health, be informed.


Ok.. Hello.  About 7 years ago I realized that my chronic sinus headaches were a result of me eating wheat.  Who woulda thunk?  I think that we associate food sensitivities to gastric/digestion problems.


Removing wheat from my diet made huge improvements in my overall well-being for a time.  The following year, I discovered that my respiratory infection symptoms were a direct result of ingesting dairy.


 I LOVE milk and bread.

There lies the problem. 

Fast forward 7 years.  I have been sailing along pretty well and very healthy.   When I eat those two things, I am ok if I just dabble one time but if I dabble over and over in the course of  a couple of days,  the symptoms return.

This past year I have gotten on a nut butter kick.  Every morning I whip up nut butter in our coffee grinder.  I even upgraded our grinder to a sorta commercial model. I was ALL ABOUT THE NUT BUTTER.   I have been buying large quantities of raw organic nuts.  I soak them for 24 hours and then dry them in the oven for a few days.  Man, they taste 100 times better than what you get at the store.  By soaking them, you release enzyme inhibitors that otherwise would inhibit digestion and the flavor is greatly enhanced.

  I grind pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc.  and spread it everyday on an apple.  DELICIOUS.  I cannot even tell you.  It made me jump out of bed in the morning.  Christmas morning, every morning.


About 6 months ago I started having excruciating pain in my neck, lower back, hips and knees.  If I had been sitting for any length of time it was unbearable standing up.  It was hard to turn over in bed at night.  I am positive that 90 year olds were more mobile than me.    My body had seized up.

 I recently went to the doctor to find out  how I could go from absolutely normal to almost crippled in 6 months.  It felt as if a virus or a bacteria (are those one in the same?? I have no idea) had settled into my bones and joints.

We did some blood tests.  I left the doctor’s office and when I got in my car it occurred to me that maybe it was the nuts I was eating.  So I took time off from my Christmas mornings.  Guess what?  Within 3 days, I had no symptoms.  That was a month ago and I am completely normal for an aging old hag.

A couple of things……

I read that if we find we are sensitive to a food, it is common to become sensitive to more foods as time goes.  ugh.

I am learning  that we can avoid becoming sensitive to foods if we aren’t pounding them every chance we get.  Like I do.   I think the reason so many people become sensitive to wheat/gluten is that they are eating it at every meal.  You could probably say that about dairy too.

There is something to say about the old-time people who ate what was in season, and did not, when it was not, therefore,  they were never eating any one food more than a season in the course of a year.   Huh.  Suppose that makes sense?

If you are suffering from a chronic something or other, it is very possible it is food.  Each food that I have grown sensitive to has its own cute little symptom to go with it.  And all of the symptoms would appear to have nothing to do with food.

The key is to incorporate  a large variety  of food into our  diet.  If I enjoy nut butter, enjoy it once a week not everyday.   I read that it is best to not eat any one kind of food more often than every 3 or 4 days.   ok.  I think I got it.

Please, investigate this if you are experiencing chronic symptoms.  It could be a simple answer using no chemical medicines.

Have a good Thursday.

God bless,


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Poop Or Get Off The Pot

NOOOOOOO.    Don’t get off the pot.

STAY WITH ME HERE….this is serious business.  A little uncomfortable.  But please stay.  Don’t leave.

IBS( Irritable Bowel Syndrome), colitis, IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease), colon cancer, appendicitis, Crohn’s Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, hemorrhoids.  By now you have all heard of most of these chronic ailments and probably know people who suffer from one or more of these conditions.  They are becoming common household terms, like the common cold.

We think colds are the norm.  We have forever.  Flu is normal.  Its winter, so of course I’m going to get the flu.  High Blood Pressure.  We turn 45 and begin to take blood pressure medicine.  Don’t we all?  We have accepted that our bodies are poorly designed.  NO.  Our bodies were magnificently designed.  And don’t let anyone tell you differently.  If we choose to treat our bodies with care, then there should be no reason to get ill with chronic conditions.    I can tell you exactly what I have done to my body every time it gets ill.  I haven’t eaten right.  Or I haven’t maintained a proper activity level or I have not gotten enough rest.  If I chronically don’t eat right, exercise, or get enough rest then I will get a CHRONIC condition.

I got off track there a minute…. back to the wonderful design of our body.

There is a theory out there swirling around that the toilets that we Americans use are poorly designed,  that result in not allowing our magnificent bowels to be properly eliminated.  The theory says that we need to be in the squatting position in order for everything to be eliminated.  Like the cavemen.    Our toilet design is new relatively speaking.   If things are not properly eliminated, disease sets in.  I have not traveled to other parts of the world that offer  squatting toilets.  But they exist in many countries.  Countries that don’t suffer from many of the chronic illnesses that I listed above.

I’m going to stay real simple here.  Mainly because that is the extent that I understand. 

1. Stuff moves from small intestine  into the colon via the Ileocecal valve.  It continues upward into  the colon.   In the squatting position, the right thigh – pressing on the right side of the abdomen – squeezes the pouch-like cecum and force liquid waste upwards into the ascending colon and away from the appendix.  This does not occur if seated on a regular toilet seat.  And stuff gets left behind to rot and produce toxins.

2.  The colon also has a kink or bend where the sigmoid colon joins to the rectum.  In the squatting position, the left thigh – pressing on the left side of the abdomen – supports and lifts up the sigmoid colon. This raising of the sigmoid colon opens up the kink to allow waste to flow easily into the rectum.  This does not occur if seated on a regular toilet seat. Resulting in the same scenario in 1.

3. In the regular seated position exit out the rectum is choked  causing a person to have to strain to get the material to pass.  In the squatting position straining is not necessary since the channel is not choked. Again, material gets left behind and hemorhoids occur.

Okay? Do I have evidence of this?  It is my experience that it actually works.  I have always had elimination problems.   A year ago tonight I was rushed to the hospital with a ruptured appendix.  Hmm.  I wonder how I got that???  Darn near expired.   Since then I have religiously used a   “step stool” thing to prop my feet up on while on the toilet that mimics a squatting position.  A little embarrassing to say, but  life has never been so good.  When I used to read what a successful elimination should look like,  I used to think, “are you nuts?”   I have now joined the The Perfect Eliminator Club.  NEVER thought it was possible.  There ain’t nothing being left behind.

When I am not in my one bathroom that has the little feet propper upper thing, I use the little trash can in most bathrooms that are usually just the right height.  After a year of doing this I can tell you that when I am not able to prop my feet up,  the event is not very successful.

As my dad would always say, “Ya get da pitcha?

Try it.  Sure beats a chronic disease.

Now that I have shared something intimate about myself, would you like to share something intimate with us?

Have a super weekend.

God bless,



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