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You Can Take A Farm Girl Out Of Routine…

……But you cant expect it to last long without going insane.

Posts have been coming far and few between.

We have been like little busy mice scurrying around preparing for our wedding.  It is an awesome experience that has brought our family together in great ways.   Our very sad news is that our middle son, who is in the Army, cannot be with us for the big day.   He will be greatly missed.   But we are working on a fun way to  make sure he is a part of the memories created this weekend.

A storm brought great signs yesterday for this union of  Eric and Emily.


And the night before  we had yet another crazy vision from above.    Quite something.  One of the most dramatic sunsets I have seen out here.


We are feeling blessed.

BUT……..burlap has been the bane of our existence.  I ordered 300 feet of burlap on ebay about 6 months ago so that we could make table runners.  I did not open the box until this past weekend and the rolls reeked of kerosene.  huh?  Yeah.  In my research, I cannot find out why burlap is treated with kerosene.  Please enlighten me if you know.  It felt wet, and it stunk terribly.

So we hung them on the fence to air out.


It became very clear that airing was not going to do the trick.  And airing them out on the fence was resulting in many of them ending up in the pasture being enjoyed by the goats and dogs.   My son and I ended up at the laundry mat at midnight with the idea that breaking the washing machines there would be better than breaking ours at home.  We brought them home wrinkled to death.  If you ever get the idea to wash burlap, please know they shed, fray, and create an immense amount of lint.  I had to spend the better part of the next day ironing.  My generous neighbor came over to help.  I would still be in garage ironing had she not.  Total unforseen nightmare with the burlap.  On the bright side, I will have lots of burlap after next week to create…….. a burlap….. something or other.   Got ideas?

We have two more days of pulling this all together before the big day and am quite certain that we will have more challenges that will be memorable.  But most of all, I am quite certain the memories  will be treasured for years to come.

I have greatly missed routine so far this summer and look forward to getting back to it.  Posting here is a big part of my routine.  I will be back in touch.

I pray you are having a super summer.

P.S.  Lots of snake sightings.  Am thinking there is one in particular that wants a friendship with me.

God bless,



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And The Beat Goes On

Pops and I had great discussions last night.  Really touching base for the first time in weeks.  We have had guests almost solid for three weeks.  It has been really great to have spent the time with all that came by but a rest is in store for sure.

One topic of discussion was our anniversary.  Next Tuesday.  30.  Did I just say 30?  I gag when I try to put my name in the same sentence with doing anything for thirty years.   I haven’t even turned thirty yet.

It’s a long, long road.

Most years we take time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go.  I had someone tell me once that doing that is a bunch of ” crap” as they put it.    For us, it is a necessary step to ensure growth.  It is  our intention to live with purpose and thought.   How can we do that if there is no reflection?  Simply existing or wingin’ it is not an option.  There HAS to be more to it than that, right?  I mean, we only get one shot at this, I’m thinkin’.

Marriage is really really REALLY  hard.  To me,  it is hands down the greatest test of perseverance. What in the world can we even compare it to?  When I really think about it it seems really bizarre.  To spend the majority of your life with one person,  fighting all the battles that are laid out before us.   Goodness gracious.  Thank you, God,  for giving me  Pops to be on my team.  I need people on my team.  Don’t you?  Now,  I have wanted to kick him off my team on numerous occasions and I know he has wanted to do the same to me.   But with  work, and I mean WORK, we have come a long way.  We are not above whatever it takes to keep this machine running.

Bridal Compassion, 2003

For me, the most precious thing about marriage is the history that is weaved through time between two people.   My  husband has known my business for the better part of my life.  His eyes have seen the same thing my eyes have seen for thirty years for goodness sakes.  Isn’t that insane?

So, what does this have to do with farming??   Well, it certainly is a part of where we have chosen to go.  Making this decision has added a richness and complexity to our marriage that I would not have imagined.   Challenges and learning new things is a part of our daily life because of this farm and we are not in a stagnant place.  That puts us in an environment that  encourages growth.

What do I want to do or accomplish this next thirty years?

Of course, love him more.  He always wants more, more, more.

1. Figure out a way to get 6 more hours in my day.

2. Sleep.  Sleep a lot.

3. Learn how to give a vaccination to a baby goat without it going limp in a near death state.

4. Learn to like or tolerate male chickens, male goats, or male any animal for that matter.  ugh.

5.  Get my dogs to poop where I want them to.

6. Turn this global warming thing around.  I am close to solving it.  I will let you know when my scientific research is complete.

7. Save all the glorious trees in the world.  Probably should stop building things then, huh?

8. Get my self organized by putting things back where they belong.  huh?  Really?  Did I just say that?

9. Stop cleaning my house as often as I do.  Once a month is too often, people.

10.  Finally, accept myself for who I am.  Sometimes I can’t quite get the hang of living with myself.  I still don’t understand who it is living inside here with me.

I do feel confident that if I set  just one goal for the next thirty years, everything will fall gently into place.  That one goal for me is to grow more holy. Unfortunate things will continue to fall upon us, but with His Grace, the love will persevere.  That,  I am positive.

I want the flowers I grow to be pretty some day. Like these.

God bless,




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