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Today. The Carnage.

We’ve had furious activity in the wood these days and I can give this little one 100 percent of the credit.


Her name is Gracie.  Crazy Gracie.

If there is anything lurking in the whole of 85 acres, she will find it.  And she will flush it out.  She is about 16 months old and she is fierce and fearful of nothing.  As she flew by me today in hot pursuit of a  2 and 1/2 year-old 8 point deer, I said to myself, I really need to bring my camera on our morning walks because it is a wild world out here.  Nobody could possibly believe this nonsense.  But wait.  I captured some serious nonsense today.

We have lived here almost 4 years and I have carried my camera many mornings enjoying quiet contemplation with the ferns, the haystacks and maybe a wild flower or two.  The past 6 months I havent carried it cause I’ve been too darn busy working in my studio.  I had NO idea that all these shenanigans were lurking about me until Gracie came into my life and told me.  I’m not sure if I am happy about this or not.  It used to be peaceful.

Two months ago, as we strolled on our morning walk, she, as usual, got out ahead of Virginia and me.  About five minutes into our walk she comes tearing down the wooded hill with a small pack of coyotes on her tail running towards me.  I started yelling in a deep loud voice and the coyotes turned and ran away.   Thank goodness.   She turned and charged after them.

 How can I live this way?

Shortly after that day, she charged a small doe into a fence as I stood there and watched.  The poor deer broke her neck.  As I watched.  It groaned and groaned  a terrible loud horrific sound and died.  As I watched.  Pops and one of the kids hauled it off site quickly.

Last week, she came whizzing by after a beautiful red fox.  And when I say these events run right by me, I mean they  run right by me.  It’s something out of a cartoon.  Truly.  They went running west and 3 minutes later they come running east.  And darn.  Where is my camera?

Gracie often bounces out of the wood with a deer head, or a hind quarter, or a gray animal that cannot be identified.  In the spring, the turtles might as well come out with their hands up cause she will find every last one of them.  And when she is done tossing them in the air, they are left to spend the rest of their life searching for the place last seen.

Back to today…..As I said, the big buck and Gracie flew by on the morning walk and I thought, that’s it, this afternoon I will bring my camera.  And this is what I was able to capture on the afternoon walk….Be prepared.  We live in the wild, wild hills of Brown County and I can’t say we were not warned when we bought this property…….


Buck trying to get up.

Virginia  and Crazy Gracie found the 2 and !/2 year-old 8 point buck (the wild men of the neighborhood gave me that info.  You didn’t think I could have figured that  out, did you?).  He evidently got his leg stuck in fence this morning when Gracie was chasing him.  He was struggling to get up this afternoon.  The dogs were barking  him to death.



Called the sheriff.  What did  you want me to do?  Dark was looming.  Coyotes were on their way.  I had to get this thing out of my yard.  The sheriff was most impressed with my off-road driving.  Where’d you learn to drive like this? he asks.   I think I scared him a little bit.   He was going to shoot the deer if it was still living but since Virg and Gace barked it to death, well….


Look who might need a bath tonight.



Neighbor man came and dragged the poor buck  to it’s heaven place.


The chickens are doing just fine all snuggled on their school bus though.   Not all is a stress job.

What will tomorrow bring?



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The Early Birds Catch The Miracles.

I wanted desperately to stay in bed on this holiday morning. No one had to work today, so  last night was partay time.  Splurged  on TV and dessert and stayed up past my bed time.   I was hoping Pops was going to volunteer to get up to do the animals.   Puulleeease??  I peeled myself from the sheets and waddled to the door.  Old people waddle.  I am a waddler.  Everything all creaky and rusty.  At least I didn’t get resentful for something he didn’t even know I was thinking.  I am good at that. Resenting him for things he is unaware of.

Boy, I was glad I got up.  Little baby bluebirds fluttering everywhere I looked.   3 or 4 of our bird houses have had babies very recently and they are all making their way into the world.  They were strutting their stuff.  Watching them fly is like watching the gem, Lapis, flying through the air.  I ran in to get my camera to capture this wonder but, of course, they were done showing  off.

It seems my senses are heightened when I have my camera around my neck.

Our weather has been so wet.  Mushrooms abound.  Pops was going to throw some in a pan last week to sautee.  I said, uh, no thank you.  I think people die eating certain mushrooms.   They are a plenty however.

Early morning walk with some of the peeps:









It is really worth getting up early to just smell earthly scents.  It is all so rich and inviting right now.  When I walk out in the early morning hours, it is almost as if I am sneaking into another world where they have their own gig goin’ on.  I consider myself lucky to be witness  of it before the day takes over their world.

Try venturing outside with your camera.  It may help you see and hear more than usual like it did me.

As I sit and write, I hear fireworks from afar.  Too bad I am too tired to go see.  Got up too early.

I pray you are having a safe and wonderful holiday.

God bless,



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What In The Heck Is A Lawn?

Life is busy here on the farm.  The grass is slowing down though.  It’s only growing a foot a day instead of two.  Woah.  It was intense there for a while.  Do you ever wonder why we fertilize our yards so that we can cut them more often.  I want to feed my yard a growing agent so I can cut my grass 2 – 3 times a week.  What?  Are we nuts?  Do I have that much free time?   Does that sound funny to you as it does to me?  And now that I have moved from the suburbs, I feed weeds so that I can cut them more often.   Which brings me to the next question.   How and where was it   determined that  one plant species holds more value than another to fill space and to color our lawn.  What is wrong with clover filling the space in my lawn (which is what we have) as opposed to grass?

Last year our newly established yard was filled with crab grass.  It was coming in lush and beautiful.  I said that this was good.  I wanted crab grass to take over my lawn.  It had long reaching roots and it was thick and looked great cut.  But for some reason it didn’t come back lush and beautiful as last year and clover has taken the driver seat.  I would bet  money that if I was still in the burbs, that crabgrass would have come back full bore, don’t you?  Why is a blade of green better than a 3 or 4 leaf clover?



Bottom line.  I ain’t spraying my lawn for weeds.  We just have to love what we get.

Other cool things that are happening…. Apples and blueberries are growing on our plants.  Imagine that.  Did I know that apples grew on trees?  Hmm.



I feel fairly certain that these buggers will not look as beautiful as this for very long.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Blueberries grow on bushes, I have discovered.


We have to put netting over the bushes here in a few days or weeks so birds will not eat them.   I am very very protective of my blueberry bushes.  I am not willing to share.

Last but not least, our sweet Virginia had surgery today.  It is a total bummer.  We bought a dog for the first time in our life from a “Champion bloodline” breeder.  The poor girl has had nothing but trouble and has been under the weather since we got her.   She has Entropian.  Her eye lids roll inward causing inflammation and infection in her eyes.  The  vet man said that she inherited it from her champion mom or dad.  Thanks  champion Mom and Dad.  He also said worse case ever.  ugh.   She came home with one of those cone collars on her head and she WILL kill herself or me.  She is going to rip her head off and/or cut my legs off at the knees.


She is very very sad.   We just pray the surgery will work and give her eyes some relief.

 God bless our sweet Virginia.   The Rolling Stones sing a great song called Sweet Virginia.

Have a super weekend.

God bless,


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Come Wade With Me

……through birdland.

Videographer, I am not.  Excuse my editing talents.  I made myself sick with all the “Hey, girls” in the video.  I could not subject you to all of them.

God bless,


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