Seasons are-a changin’

Raise your hand if you are weary of this here present season.  I.  Usually I don’t think too much about what the weather is doing.  Living in the midwest doesn’t stick us with too much of anything really to get all shaken up about.  But goodness gracious, this has been a doozy.   For one, this has been the first year of real farm life and it has taken me outside more than any time in my life in the summer months.   I really am not a fan of  hot weather.  For two, I am at an age that sends me into smokin’ hot mode.   Almost on an hourly basis.  Actually Pops and I are realizing that stress and anxiety are triggers for those old hot flashes.  So every time I engage in a conversation with anyone that has any substance at all,  it sends me flashing.  I have decided it is not worth talking any more.  Oh yeah, this blog entry is about the weather.  I could write a whole chapter on that other subject.  Can I just ask, DOES IT GO AWAY?  ANYONE??  DOES IT?

What is your favorite season?  Why?  How does it nourish you?  What does it bring to your life?





As I said, seasons don’t last too long around here.   I never really get a chance to tire of it before a new one comes along.  And with the arrival of a new season there is a feeling of romance.  New sensations.  Breezes.  Sun.  Clouds.  Snow.  Rainstorms.  New growth.  Hibernation.  Rest.  They all bring a coziness in their own way.

Winter is my favorite season.  All the other seasons are nothing short of spectacular but, for me,  none like the solitude of winter.  If you have spent any time with me here,  you may have guessed by now that I love and cherish solitude.  The silence of winter.  All the critters sleeping.  The trees standing quiet and humble in their bare nakedness.  I could stand to learn a thing or two from the trees.  Many people don’t like winter.  Too long.  Too cold.  Dark.

Our seasons can be compared to a day in our life and we can see how important “winter” is.

Morning…we are coming alive after a long nap greatly needed for rejuvenation.  Spring.

Day… life is busy and a buzz.  All engines are ignited and we are in full motion.  Summer.

Evening… life is winding down.  We prepare ourselves for quiet time.  Autumn.

Night… quiet and packed away.  Silent and dark.  Hibernating.  Winter.

We spend as much time (or we should) in the night hours as we do the day hours.

Winter is a time for renewal.  For rest.  Our bodies desperately need this time for slowing and regeneration. And to do this, we need quiet.  God gives us quiet.  Sometimes when I go outside in the winter it is deafening,  beautiful,   silent and still.  It is a time for listening.

Take time to rest every night.  Take time to rest every winter.  Take time to listen to what silence says to us.

God bless,



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11 responses to “Seasons are-a changin’

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this so much. Summer is without a doubt my favourite season, to an almost crippling degree. The rest of the year is full of way too much structure and too many expectations for me. I still have kids needing rides and to be certain places at certain times and meal times at somewhat expected predictable times and tons of forms coming home to be filled out and returned. The structure drowns me! In summer I let it all go, and my kids are good at both letting me and joining in. I live close to a small wild beach and I try to get there every day to swim and breathe. Dinner is when it is. And what it is. Sometimes I have a few days without leaving the small village i live in to go into town. I can read, paint, swim, look at rocks, eat crackers and cheese for dinner. I need to do all that, and the beach is a huge part of it. I need to fill myself up in summer to get me through the rest of the year, and I can feel it draining away as the year goes past, and end up limping through the last part of the wet spring I have here. When it’s nice I have to get there, to such a degree that I almost welcome the odd gray or damp day to stay at home nad get a little caught up on other stuff.
    But I really enjoyed what yuou said about winter. I find every year I dread it a little more and this summer I’ve been thinking that I’m going to need to turn it around and start paying attention to things I like about fall and winter. Your thoughts really started me down that road.
    Sorry for the long comment but your topic is so close to my heart. I found your website through your paintings but am really enjoying your take on life.

    • Isn’t that something?! I am so glad that you can let it all go for yourself and for your kids. We over schedule them and they really never get to know who they are. I like structure. My head can start swirling and I cant figure out what foot to put forward. Almost literally. Thank you so much for sharing! Where are you from?

      • Well as much as I don’t like structure I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the swirling. I use the word spinning to describe it so we’re on pretty close to the same page! As the summer winds down I grieve that but also there’s a voice in the back of my head (getting louder each day) saying that this is all just a little wild and I really do need a little bit of……. structure! And I start craving making some more involved meals, cozying up inside, and getting caught up on things I let go.
        I’m from a little place just outside of Vancouver, Canada. It’s quite small and intimate and full of nature but I can also be downtown Vancouver in about half an hour. Sometimes weird but nice. Also very wet in fall, winter, and spring!
        I’m enjoying your blog very much and going back to read older posts and see your journey. I also love your paintings!

      • Thanks Jennifer! I am a little jealous of your location. I am huge nature fan and not the hot weather beach kind. I have never been to Vancouver but have been to the San Juan islands. You must wake up and take big whiffs of the wonderful pine air and smile everyday! I took a look at your site. I couldn’t find your art at that gallery. Is there a way to see it?

      • I do love where I live, with the sea out front and a forest in back. Usually about once or twice a year a bear or two or three will wander through my backyard. Bad part is living on a hill when it snows and worrying about falling trees when the winds come down the mountain!
        Thank you for looking at my site. It’s definitely a work in process, as am I! I put up almost everything I’d done but now I’m thinking I might like to go back and edit! Not document my learning curve quite so much! You should be able to see my paintings by clicking on gallery and then picking one of the categories. The address is just in case that isn’t where you were. I’m very inspired by your work.

      • Hi Jennifer,
        I went back and found your art. What an inspiration. Dont you think that painting is such a great way to celebrate life? So much of your art reflects where you live and all that is so important to you. Good for you! I will pray for you as the fall turns our corner. You can pray for me next Spring as summer creeps around its corner! I will be checking your blog! Thanks for checking in

      • Thank you so much. Yes painting definitely is a celebration and a privilege. I’ll be checking your blog too and thank you for all of your wisdom. You seem hugely grounded.

      • Not so much grounded. Knowing Who is in charge helps. I saw your hummingbird. I couldn’t help but notice the back ground. Is that your view from your deck? Cause if it is, I am coming to visit!

      • Even better, I took that from inside the house, in the family room. An even better view one floor up in my office, which is why in summer I find it hard to work past about 2. The room gets hot and stuffy, and the sparkles on the water call me to swim. That sounds very gloaty so I think i’ll add that I never ever take it for granted, stare out at it every single day, and am grateful.

  2. Autumn is my favorite. The sounds of crunching leaves under foot; the smells of nature; the temperatures…ah! And most of all, the colors. Vibrant, breath-taking rich hues painted along the countryside. Even the weeds that got ahead of me in late summer don’t bother me anymore. Now they are just another layer of texture. 🙂

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