What In The World Is Grace?

Grace has got to be one of the most abstract words that I know of.

Oh my….I just looked the word up on my Mac.  There are tons of definitions for “grace”.


n. light-footedness.

Like these little guys?


v. decorate

Like that?


I often say, “Thanks for gracing me with your presence.”

Grace is a pretty word.  I went to grade school with a girl maned Grace.

We said (and still do)  “Grace” before meals when I was growing up.  “Bless us O’ Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive, from thy bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen.”   If you grew up Catholic,  you know that prayer.  It’s really cool to be in a large group of people and grace is said and everyone knows it.

My aunt Virginia was so graceful.  What is that?  She was tall and willowy and “elegant”.

When someone says,  “by the grace of God…”  What does that mean?

Or what does it mean when you hear, “you are filled with God’s grace.”

I think it means that He bestows on  us His favor when it is unmerited and/or we don’t deserve it.  It’s like our parents still loving us even when we are total horrible creatures to them or others.

I think grace is all the gifts He gives us whether we are worthy or not.

I have a way of thinking that I deserved everything coming my way.   That, after all, I am entitled, right?  Where did I get that idea?   Did my parents tell me that??   When I really think about that question, it does really boggle my mind.  Where did I get the idea that I was the be all to end all?   And where did I get the idea, that I might deserve something over someone else?  Or that only I know the best way or the right way?

I want Him to fill ME with grace, but maybe not the next guy who did me wrong.  Really?  How did I get to the front of the line?

When you think about it, none of us are really a big deal.  Why do I think I am so much more than that?  We only are a mere  breath here on earth.  Boy, is that a humbling thought.   I guess that legacy thing might be an important thing after all.   I kinda want my  aroma  to stick around a while.

I love this word, grace,  in this context.  I love that God has given me all the gifts that I have in my life because He loves me.  Lord knows I have done enough on this earth that doesn’t warrant rewards but He gives anyway.  That’s grace, baby.  That is grace.  And that is why I don’t understand sometimes.

God bless,


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