Are We Original? Or Copycats?

We are all creators in one form or another.   Are we creating something that has been done  before,  or are we original?  As an artist, I think I’m being original.  But the fact is, I’m not.  Literally everything I do has been done before in someway.  My unique style and interpretation or impression  makes my work original.  The gift  that God gave me and only me.  He wants us to use each other for learning, inspiration and encouragement.   I’m sure you’ve heard that copying is the highest form of flattery.  Just as long it is not copying verbatim, I am sure.  I’m glad you like my stuff,  but don’t take it and call it yers.

There are few people in the world that are truly original. Thomas Edison.  Benjamin Franklin.  Bill Gates.  da Vinci.  Those kinda folks.  Even the lady who invented Spanx was just modeling her product after the ol’ girdle.  Not sure her name for it is better though.

Dale Chihuly is an artist. I have studied him for years but recently  I saw a documentary about him that stunned me.  He blows glass.   In that regard, he is a copycat.  His style is so completely original that I’m almost sure that he is the only guy that has done what he does to date.  In our history. I could be wrong.   Enjoy his beautiful glass gardens and sculptures.  Complete and utter genius.

Dale Chihuly







I hope this brightens your day as it has mine.

God bless,



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3 responses to “Are We Original? Or Copycats?

  1. It completely brightened my (up to now sort of yucky) day! What magical work. Does he have fun doing it do you think?

  2. Lisa Bloomhorst Timme


  3. Julie Brown

    He has an ongoing exhibit at Fairchild botanical gardens in Coral Gables. His work blends so well with the plants and trees. I can’t imagine seeing him in an indoor exhibit. He had red tubes set inside a desert area and someone stole them a couple years ago. They replaced the tubes with PVC pipes painted red and it took the staff a few weeks to discover it. The tubes were so nestled in the cacti that it was hard to see them. He is one of my favorite artists that displays in botanical gardens. We have seen several but his work is the most conducive to the environment. He has a large staff of interns who do most of the “blowing” so it is a bit factory like but he is still hands on so I guess it shouldn’t matter.

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