Where Do I Learn About The Birds And The Bees?

From the birds and the bees, of course.

I am sure you have noticed the flurry of activity out and about these past few weeks.   It is amazing all that I notice when I have camera in hand.  I suppose when I have an intention of capturing the miracles, I take in more.    The baby birds are blowing my little mind.  We have all these little miniature birdies flying around.  Cardinals.  Blue Jays.  Finches.  Bluebirds.  Color flying about.  The story I watched unfold the other day was amusing.  Two young cardinals at the feeder.  Where are they born anyway?  We have cozy bird houses for the Bluebirds.  Where are these little fellas cracking open?


Love, love these beauties.   Then along comes a young Blue Jay.   Some what intimidating to the Cardinals.  Blue Jays can be nasty.  I saw an unbelievable sight last year before I  got shutter happy.  On about three to four limbs out my window, I counted no less than 10 very young Blue Jays all together.   It was crazy.  Birdie, Birdie,  where does your nest lie?


The Cardinals moved back a little,  but felt comfortable with their new friend sharing.  THEN, the hoodlums arrived.


Our Guinea hens always spoil the fun.  I was just changing my lens to a zoom to really get close to the birds when these guys show up.    Shame on them.

I waited.  One of the Cardinals waited.


Grew tired of waiting and went about my schooling. We headed down to the apple orchard.   We means me and my four-legged goons that are joined at my hip.


Our apple trees are 5 years old and we have never had a bloom on them, which means no apples thus far.  This year?


The area was swarming with bees.  I hear that is a great sign.  Pollination.  Yeah.  That would mean that we will have the opportunity to grow and kill our apples this year.  Research tells me there is no such thing as an organic apple from Indiana.  And we ain’t spraying.  So, will we be enjoying crunchy flavors this summer and fall?  To be determined.

Bee in flight

Bee in flight


Total miracle to me.  

We ventured back up to the Shieling, checked on the Bluebird boxes.  3 have bluebird activity.  1 has mice activity.   One box had very very hungry babies calling to Mama.


Busy learning day.  Lots of livin’ going on.  And I’m sure if I looked harder,  I would see all the exciting snake living going on but I choose not to look down often unless I got my high-powered boots on.

Have a super day.

God bless,



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3 responses to “Where Do I Learn About The Birds And The Bees?

  1. Interesting that the males in all bird species are the ones all dressed up. Correct?

    • Yeah, I think in many cases. The female cardinal, though, is as stunning to me as the male. After I read you comment, I looked up Blue Jays. They are close to identical. They are a mystery to me. I dont even know if I care for them that much, but they are always around and I dont know from where they come!

  2. You totally made me smile, reading this. You live in paradise, even with goons and hoodlums. It amazes me how fast you go from winter to full on blooming, not just of plants but life! Babies! I feel like around here they’re still wooing and courting and giggling and slapping.

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