Goin’ On A Moon Hunt.

In the evening , we love to head out to see the night sky.   I wander to the barn between 9 and 10 to put the lovelies to bed.  Snuggle snuggle them all in their little nests.  When I close the barn door, there is such a peace and calm.  All thinking about their adventures of the day, which probably looks much like the day before and the day before and….. I wonder if they like routine as much as I do.  They are probably plotting a coup over at Cowboy Bob’s.   Or better yet the other guy’s digs.

The sky.  It is beautiful day and night.  A little disappointing that we can see the light pollution from two towns, but way off in the distance.  When we moved here I thought we were miles and miles away from civilization.   8 miles to the nearest anything.  You can imagne my disappointment the first night of camping, lying all snug in my sleepaing bag, listening to the June bugs, when out of the blue  a Harley roared by.  And then a semi truck trailor.  What the heck was that??  I didn’t move far enough away.

First time camping on new property.  2007

First time camping on new property 2007

First bathroom on new property.

First bathroom on new property.

After years now of living in an environment that is wonderfully quiet,  my ears can pick up strange noises very easily.  I can hear the train clearly that runs 10 miles north of here.

So off on the moon walk.  One evening in the past few weeks, I spied a big beautiful ball coming up over the ridge in between two trees. Pops had just gotten home from work.  Poor guy pulls up at dusk after long day probably starving half to death and I made him go on the moon hunt up, up, up.   Our ridge climb ain’t for the faint of heart.


But of course the Tick and Tack are always up for an adventure.  Frick and Frack.  This and That.


Do your cats go on walks with you?  Ours always have for some reason.  Seems odd to me.

How can something be so beautiful?  How can the moon and the twinkling what nots show up for the game over and over and over again, night after night?



It is beyond my comprehension.

On the way back down from the moon hunt, I took this photo… No idea how.  Freaky, eh?  It kinda looks like an etched drawing.  Someday, I am going to learn how to take a photo in a meaningful way.  In the meantime, I just move buttons and shoot.  Dont know what buttons nor what direction I am moving them.


Cabin on ridge.

It is a beautiful day to behold.

I have a friend that asks me all the time:  What are you grateful for today?

I ask you.

God bless,


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  1. Lori Anderson

    Hi karen Your picture of Geoff walking through the trees took my breath away! Your property is glorious! Your moon photo is beautiful also… But the trees were gracefully and softly alive 💗 Have a beautiful day and thank you for always sharing. Love, Lori Sent from my iPhone

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