Liberalism. Conservatism. Liberation.


For as many people there are out there, I am fairly certain that there are that many definitions for liberalism and conservatism.  Just as I am sure faith has as many definitions.     I don’t think about either one often.  I know what my value and belief system is and I think that is all I need to know.

Last weekend , we were out with friends for dinner.  And a great one it was.  The other Mrs. and I were talking deeply profound matters while the Mr.’s were talking about…hmmm….. I don’t know.   She asked me if  I thought I was a conservative Catholic.   I said yes.   She disagreed.  She thought I must be liberal because I am not  judgmental  of the people who have another value or belief system than I.  Then,  I began wondering what the heck.    We interrupted the probably not so deeply profound conversation of the men and I asked Pops if he thought I was liberal or conservative,  thinking I may be off base and don’t know what I am.  Like I said, I don’t think about it often.  He said that I am most definitely conservative.  That’s what I thought.  You got it.  I am blond alright.

I do not share my political views often since it would often come across as me vs. you.  Or me good, you bad.  Or me smart, you not.  In today’s atmosphere,  I do not mean to participate in division tactics.   I will not begin here either.  But it seems to me that we,  as a culture,  are more interested in judging each other rather than respecting our differences in our values and beliefs.

I have been all gobbly gooked since this conversation.   I pose a few questions out into the thin air.

Am I wrong if I value something that you don’t?  Or vice versa?  Should I be chastised?

Is it my job to judge your values and beliefs? Or your job to judge mine?

Am I NOT doing my job if I  don’t make a judgement?

Is it even important to form an opinion on every livin’ thing?  Maybe let one slip by unnoticed.

Does judging cause separation?  Division?

Because I feel strongly about something and I don’t talk about it,  does it mean I really don’t feel strongly?

If I don’t speak out my values, am I considered tolerant of anything?

Is it enough to live out my values and beliefs?  Does that speak louder than loud words?

 Is judging each other too big a job for any one of us?

It is all very curious to me.  I believe you think one way and I think another,  but what now?  Nothing now.  That’s it.

Enough on liberalism and conservatism.


We have lived in this house 2 years.  The builder put a door hitch on the inside of the closet.  Because of the door hitch, I have not been able to open my underwear drawer more than three or four inches for two years.


No kidding.  Who knows what is in that drawer?  if I can’t reach it in the narrow opening, it doesn’t get reached.



I took off the hitch.  Excuse me, I should be saying latch.  I took off the latch.  Or hitch.  My underwears drawer is open.  After two years.    I have been LIBERATED.

That is LIBERATION, baby.  That IS liberation.  Yeah.  That is li……………..

God bless,



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4 responses to “Liberalism. Conservatism. Liberation.

  1. Jeannie

    And here I thought liberation was going without a bra! Or is that liberalism? I get so confused! Or is that conservative?
    I’m with you, Karen, it’s taken me many years, but I am finally learning to keep my opinions to myself. Well, at least some of them! Haha!
    Glad to see YOU are liberated!

  2. I liked reading this Karen. What really bugs me about politics and a lot of politicians is how it’s grown into taking a side and holding onto that side no matter what. In Canada we’ve got a Prime Minister who seems to decide what all of his guys need to believe, he sends out a memo telling them what their opinion is, and then they all line up and fight for that way. If they don’t they tend to get booted out of any significant role. That happens at all levels but this federal government seems to be really making an art of it. Just think of all the possible solutions and creative new ways of problem solving that get lost in that muck. And also how many issues are really that black or white? It would be so so good if both sides — and here we usually have three big enough parties federally so that throws even more loops and “well I’ll back you up and maybe we can take that other guy down” variations — could say well I think this but you know what, that guy has a good point, and maybe we’re not quite right on that bit and should listen to his ideas on that and then we have some pretty good ideas that might work well with that, and that stuff. Wouldn’t it lead to better everything?? You’re talking more about regular people than politicians but I think same applies, and also here hardly anyone feels like voting anymore because it feels like who we vote in is going to be waiting for those boss memos instead of listening to who voted them in. And that’s so awful, not using our right to vote, when you see how hard that is to do for so many people around the world.

    There you go. My thoughts. Liked yours.

  3. But the talk about your underwear drawer made me uncomfortable. 🙂

  4. Therese Sweitzer

    Love you Karen! As always…entertaining read.

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