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Liberalism. Conservatism. Liberation.


For as many people there are out there, I am fairly certain that there are that many definitions for liberalism and conservatism.  Just as I am sure faith has as many definitions.     I don’t think about either one often.  I know what my value and belief system is and I think that is all I need to know.

Last weekend , we were out with friends for dinner.  And a great one it was.  The other Mrs. and I were talking deeply profound matters while the Mr.’s were talking about…hmmm….. I don’t know.   She asked me if  I thought I was a conservative Catholic.   I said yes.   She disagreed.  She thought I must be liberal because I am not  judgmental  of the people who have another value or belief system than I.  Then,  I began wondering what the heck.    We interrupted the probably not so deeply profound conversation of the men and I asked Pops if he thought I was liberal or conservative,  thinking I may be off base and don’t know what I am.  Like I said, I don’t think about it often.  He said that I am most definitely conservative.  That’s what I thought.  You got it.  I am blond alright.

I do not share my political views often since it would often come across as me vs. you.  Or me good, you bad.  Or me smart, you not.  In today’s atmosphere,  I do not mean to participate in division tactics.   I will not begin here either.  But it seems to me that we,  as a culture,  are more interested in judging each other rather than respecting our differences in our values and beliefs.

I have been all gobbly gooked since this conversation.   I pose a few questions out into the thin air.

Am I wrong if I value something that you don’t?  Or vice versa?  Should I be chastised?

Is it my job to judge your values and beliefs? Or your job to judge mine?

Am I NOT doing my job if I  don’t make a judgement?

Is it even important to form an opinion on every livin’ thing?  Maybe let one slip by unnoticed.

Does judging cause separation?  Division?

Because I feel strongly about something and I don’t talk about it,  does it mean I really don’t feel strongly?

If I don’t speak out my values, am I considered tolerant of anything?

Is it enough to live out my values and beliefs?  Does that speak louder than loud words?

 Is judging each other too big a job for any one of us?

It is all very curious to me.  I believe you think one way and I think another,  but what now?  Nothing now.  That’s it.

Enough on liberalism and conservatism.


We have lived in this house 2 years.  The builder put a door hitch on the inside of the closet.  Because of the door hitch, I have not been able to open my underwear drawer more than three or four inches for two years.


No kidding.  Who knows what is in that drawer?  if I can’t reach it in the narrow opening, it doesn’t get reached.



I took off the hitch.  Excuse me, I should be saying latch.  I took off the latch.  Or hitch.  My underwears drawer is open.  After two years.    I have been LIBERATED.

That is LIBERATION, baby.  That IS liberation.  Yeah.  That is li……………..

God bless,



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Helloooo Mr. President

I did not shoot this photo

I went to bed last night way before all the votes were in and woke up about 3 am.   I wanted to know but then I didn’t want to know.   Anticipation and curiosity got the best of me,  so I peeked.   Now I know.  What will I do with that information that I now have?

I will get to that momentarily.

We vote for  people who can offer us the most,  depending on what our experiences have been and are.  A small business owner is not going to feel the same as an elder who is being threatened with the possibility of their medicare being stripped.  Just as a person unemployed is going to be in a different place than a person who has a strong pro-life stance.  And of course, we are always interested in more than one issue because our lives are multidimensional.  But the point is, we feel strongly about things that have touched us in one way or another.  Or because we were raised one way or another. Or because of where we stand with our needs today.

My question is this…Can I  judge you because your experiences have been different from mine?  I really need to ask this question again.  CAN I JUDGE  YOU BECAUSE YOUR EXPERIENCES HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT THAN MINE?   Should I verbally bash and bully the running mate  that passionately fights for the issues that might lessen your burden?  The burden that defines you because of your past and present experiences?


We are all made so beautifully different.  Thank you, God, for that.

We are acting like people who don’t care to look at the perspective of the guy across the street.   Just feed me.  Meet my needs.

Shame on us.

So back to what I will do with the information that I retrieved from my handy-dandy iPhone at that dark, quiet hour in the night.  It really bothers me that I wake up at that hour.

No matter WHO sits in that chair:

I did not shoot this photo either.

I will respect the person in that great office no matter what, even if I don’t share the same beliefs.

I will NEVER,  EVER  bad mouth him/her to anyone.  

I will have great expectations that he will do the best he can even if he is not the man I voted for. 

I will do the best that I can by  living my life with integrity, high values and good morals. 

The president is such a tiny part of this equation.  We have SO much responsibility.   We  have to support each other no matter our past and present experiences.  We have to be satisfied (and thankful)  that if my burden is not lessened this term, than someone else’s burden is lessened.

If I am looking to someone else to lessen my anger, I am searching in the wrong place.  No president of the United States of America can lessen the anger that rages in my heart.  Sometimes I witness such a fervor and passion and desperation that the “right” president is going to save us from ourselves.   No human being can ever do that.

I pray.

God bless,



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