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Where Does It all Begin? Where Does It All End?

“I don’t know if the rest of the country is struggling to understand it the same way we are here,” she said. “Life goes on, but you’re not the same. Is the rest of the country — are they going about their regular activities? Is it just another news story to them?” –Donna who works at a school nearby Sandy Hook Elementary.

There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”   –  Corrie Ten Boom

We can wake up each day determined to spread compassion, forgiveness, hope, peace, joy and love within our own small world, and inspire others to live their lives the very same way. We can become accountable. We can PRAY.Sandi Regan


I quote other’s words because I have no words for what happened Friday other than, I am truly sorry for my part.  And my heart quivers for the people.

What can we do to move forward?

When tragedies happen,  the enemy celebrates victory.  The injection of fear into our hearts.  Accomplished.   We all want to cry out our fear.   We run in circles  bigger and bigger, crying out loud.  Louder and louder.   It is the guns.  It is the mental people neglect.  It is the government.  We have our fingers pointed at each other as if we are all holding a gun.    We are afraid.


I have always heard that the opposite of fear is love.   We are incapable of loving when fear grabs a hold and causes us to draw in.   Emotions such as anger,  hopelessness,  resentment, frustration, etc.  are all symptoms of fear.  We are not getting our needs or wants met and it reduces us into a state of fear.   It causes us to withdraw into ourselves and then we cannot love.    We can ask our selves a series of questions and the fear can always be revealed.   If I do not get the outcome that I want or feel I deserve, then what becomes of me?  ME.  The cycle begins.  Love steps aside to make room for fear.   The two cannot survive in the room together.

I think I need to begin WITH  ME.   To get OUTTA  ME.

So,  that I can love.

We have different agendas based on our life experiences.  We become afraid based on the feelings those experiences evoke.   And we run on that fuel.  For our whole life,  if we allow.   Fear dictates our every move.   Our every action is determined by what has happened or not happened to us in our past and how we have internalized it.

I  don’t have to allow fear to dictate my life.  I can move fear to the basement and let love take over my soul.

I use to be fearful of many,  many things.  You name it.    I think I have  stated my fears in an old post,  so I wont go there.  It helps me to determine the fears that cause me angst.  When I feel a negative emotion, I ask myself : What about this  situation am I not getting what I want?  It does take an element of honesty here.  Lots and lots of practice.  And then:  If I should fail to  get what I want or need, what is the worst case scenario?  And then: If the worse case scenario happens, so what?   If I break the whole scenario down, I am able to get a proper perspective that will disarm my fear.  Freed up to love.   Most of our fears are about things that actually never happen.

We are experts at projecting failure, hurt, disappointment,  neglect,  catastrophe, etc on our future and the future of others.  All because of fear.

So, what does this have to do with the gun man in Connecticut?   If I am able to stop  thrashing my fears onto my neighbors,  and instead,  spread the love I have in my heart to my neighbor, we will be one baby step closer to a peace.

We all have responsibility here.

It is not just about the gun man.  It begins with my behavior toward you, my behavior about you to others and  my behavior about others to you.  We are either spreading love or fear.  The media are doing a super job spreading fear.  They clearly don’t understand the fear/love connection.

This is what we are spreading.

This is what is being spread through fear.

This is what we should be spreading around.

This is what we should be spreading around.

God removes my fear  when I pray.   He does not remove my fear when I do not.

God bless,



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Fear Gripping Snakes Alive


Yesterday I saw a snake that was the length of 1/2 the width of my driveway.   So I guess, 4 feet.  5 feet?  It actually is the longest snake I have seen on the property.  The Copperhead I killed a couple of years ago may have been that long but I only saw the length of what was leftover from my mower.

The Copperhead

I am afraid of snakes.

But with prayer, I am overcoming that fear little by little.  Actually baby steps.  We were in a car, thank goodness, and we were driving down to the lower pasture.  On the way back up I asked my precious friend to drop me off at the bottom of my drive so that I could walk back up to more or less face the fear.  Otherwise, I would simply want to avoid that area because that snake would forever be sitting there.  Wrong.    Believe me, I said a prayer on the way up that Mr. Snake had found his way on down the road.

I have a fear of many other things too.

  I have a fear of all forms of transportation and those that are driving them.  Even fair rides.  Especially fair rides.  Cars. Planes.  Boats.  I just KNOW one of those is going to get me.

I fear that if I share my opinion in company of opposition, they will not like me or want to hurt me.  Rejection.

I fear saying no when I really want to.

I fear confrontation.  I want to flee.

I fear success.  What will people expect of me then?

I fear poverty.

I fear love sometimes.  I have to be vulnerable to love and be loved.  That is a hard one for me.

Among many other crazy things.

Do you have any fears?

My fear is manifested in ways that I would never guess  fear would be the root.  Anger.      Irritability.  Impatience.   Unkindness.  Unloving behavior all around.  Untrustworthiness.  (Even I know that is not a word.  Hang with me here.  )  Suspicion.  Paranoia.  Hate.      There  can be all kinds of nastiness coming from this soul.

 I have found that when I pray for my fear(s) to be removed, it is replaced with love.    Did  you know that we can’t receive love when we are fearful?  That fear has to be disarmed to receive love?  I find for myself,  I am really good at shutting the world out when I am afraid.  It is SOO powerful.  Seems so silly, doesn’t it?

Snakes are not a biggy. (eek. Well..)  Having them around doesn’t change the course of my life …too much.  Maybe the course of my walk  but not in the big picture of life. I knew what I was in for here with the snakes and I figured I better accept it or it just didn’t make sense to move here.  We are at the end of the earth where they have all bunched up in a corner.   JUST KIDDING!  But I do have to be aware of them.  Why, I am not quite sure.  They are doing us a service.

But the other fears ARE life changers.  Life stoppers.  Life inhibitors.  Life suckers.  Of my life and those around me.  That worries me.  I want to be a light in the eyes of others, not a downer.

God does remove fears of mine.  I have so many less fears in my heart than I use to.   I have so much more love in my heart than I used to.  So it only stands to reason that one is replaced with the other.   I have a long way to go but it is a start.  Thank goodness I still have time.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

Mr. Shady (Character)  found a 5 or 6 foot long snake down by my garden.  Oh my.  So I have decided that if I see him (which Pops has already too,  so I know he hasn’t moved on) I am going to invite him to live in my garden and take care of those nasty rodents.    Fear replaced by love.  So it can even be effective in trivial matters that aren’t life suckers!

Also, removing fear from my life allows me time to look up at the awesomeness of life.

God love y’all.


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